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Utility Trailers of New England
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A family tradition for more than 78 years, Witzco Trailers continues its commitment to the production of high quality equipment and outstanding customer service.

The company -- originally named IR Witzer Co. -- was founded in 1938 by Israel and Rebecca Witzer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a steel fabrication plant. Through their dedication to delivering an outstanding product, IR Witzer became a success and consequently grew to become a larger company. Israel and Rebecca's dream of a succesfull family business unfolded as the generations that followed them involved themselves in the company. Under their guidance, their children and grandchildren not only learned the art of steel fabrication, but also how to run a business and what it stood for.

In 1979, the family relocated their operations to a more temperate climate in Florida. With that move came a new facility and aspirations. As the economic environment became difficult in the early 1980s, IR Witzer took on new challenges. With much though and deliberation, the manufacture of their new product line was on the way -- lowboy trailers. In 1997, IR Witzer Company began operation under the new title of Witzco Challenger Trailer. Ten years later the company expanded, TrailCo Parts International was started. Today, Witzco supplies an extensive selection of trailer and transport parts.

Now, a little more than 9 years later, Witzco is still family owned and run.